For amputees -

The prosthetists in the NVOPS Team, Noel and Liz, enjoy working with amputees to achieve comfortable mobility for life.

So if you are feeling

  • limited by your current prosthesis

  • uncomfortable, in pain…

  • You’d like to stand comfortably to watch a sporting event or concert…

  • You need a sports specific limb for running, horse riding, skiing etc, etc

  • Or a water limb for the beach or showering while on holiday

  • You would like to trial a new prosthetic system with shock absorption, energy return …

Contact us today to make a time to see Noel or Liz to see what’s possible.

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for Children and their families -

At NVOPS we know that coming to appointments isn’t always enjoyable for children and their families, they’d rather be doing other things! Lynne is keen to make it as easy as possible for families to access comfortable orthoses to assist with mobility, standing and positioning. She enjoys working with other health professionals to get the best results for every child.

  • Appointment times are available for after school visits

  • Families who need to travel long distances are offered 2 appointments in the same day, with a break in between for a trip to a park, to check device fit, comfort and function before the long drive home.

  • Online bookings for paediatric appointments are now available with Lynne and can be made by clicking on the blue button below.

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for injuries and after operations -

Emily is the NVOPS orthotist dedicated to providing the most clinically suitable device and advice for your injury and offers a same day service for acute injuries.

In order to provide the best care a referral is required, this allows the most suitable orthosis prescription to be made.

The correct customised or custom orthosis, personalised fitting and advice on use is important in achieving injury healing.

For clients with neuromuscular conditions -

The range of service and device options available for clients with physical effects of conditions such as MS, stroke, polio and acquired brain injury at NVOPS is extensive. Ankle foot orthoses (AFOs), Knee Ankle foot orthoses (KAFOs) and upper limb orthoses are available to assist with function and mobility. We also offer assessment and trial of functional electrical stimulation devices. The video shows a client using a KAFO with electronic stance control knee for improved mobility, without the orthosis he is unable to navigate uneven ground or gutters and steps.