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All types of prostheses are available at NVOPS Pty Ltd. We cater from the ederly to the Paralympic level of amputee. We are accredited and have fitted the most up to date lower limb componentry that is available in the world today including the Otto Bock microprocessor controlled Genium and C-Leg knee units, as well as the Proprio Bionic Foot from Ossur.

When this componentry is combined with a well fitting socket with the most appropriate gel/silicone interface and syspension system we are confident of your increased comfort.


The Clinicians at NVOPS will discuss at length all available prosthetic options and let you be involved in the selection of the componentry if so desired.

Upper Limb amputees are also catered for with staff having experience with all systems including myolectric. We are also able to fit the new revolutionary i-hand.


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