Specialist Footwear Fitting

We have many years experience in selecting the correct footwear for you. If you have trouble finding comfortable footwear then we can help you. We use many differant brands that incorporate differing materials, last shapes and sizings to come up with a shoe that is both good for your foot and comfortable.

Extra Depth / Width

Extra Depth / Width footwear come in many differing combinations of widths and depths. We are able to fit approximately 90% of our footwear clients into this type of footwear. Some of the brands we use include the following. Web links to these sites are available under the Links menu.

  • Gadean                                                           
  • Drew Footwear
  • Mt.Emey
  • Finn Comfort
  • DB
  • Propet
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Custom Made

These shoes are for the feet that need a special fit.  We have this type of footwear manufactured in either Perth or Melbourne by surgical shoe manufacturers.

              McLeod 1


Footwear Modifications

Most footwear modifications are completed on site in Shepparton. We pride ourselves on high quality work including all types of raises, wedges, rocker soles, caliper plates etc etc.


We are providers of footwear for DVA clients.  For footwear these clients must obtain a referral, usually from a Podiatrist, Rheumatologist, Orthopaedic Surgeon, or Vascular surgeon.  Please contact us if you require further clarification regarding obtaining a referral.


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